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Real Funding for Advocacy: What Is Sorely Needed

The simple fact is that funding for arts education advocacy has been fractional. The state alliances have historically been funded on a marginal basis and local advocacy has for the most part been nascent. Underdeveloped advocacy efforts and little funding to support anything better. That's arts education in 2011. Think good ideas for an engine, but little gas in the tank.The vast majority of arts and arts education funders don't fund advocacy and remain leery of it. Side-by-side with the discomfort remains a lack of understanding of what is … [Read more...]

Using Art for Public Education Advocacy: An Exemplary Advocacy Video

I love this video, for its message and the artful way its delivered. And, it's instructive. … [Read more...]

Fund Advocacy or Direct Service? Is there a third way?

Speaking of advocacy, I came across a rather interesting and compact blog by Ashley Blanchard of the consulting group TCC: Finding the Right Balance, Thoughts on Advocacy and Direct Service Funding.For better or worse, the recent economic crisis has changed the way some funders are thinking about their support for advocacy and direct services, providing a more nuanced view of how these strategies can be complementary. Ultimately, it's incumbent upon funders to be clear about what they want to accomplish, identify grantees that share those … [Read more...]

Former Arts Endowment Official Takes Arts Ed Advocates To Task

In the new edition of Education Next, Mark Bauerlein takes a dim view of the nature of arts education advocacy and offers a prescription for improvement, namely a focus on arts as a discrete discipline and a more entrepreneurial approach overall.Click on through to read Advocating for Arts in the Classroom.In essence, Bauerlein sees a field of arts education advocates who have the wrong message, are disconnected from real schools, and fail to seek solutions outside of the public sector. While I admire Bauerlein's passion, the piece had an out … [Read more...]

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Fight Cuts to Cali Education Budget

I've seen a lot of advocacy videos, but not one like this. It's hard hitting, direct, has a sense of humor, and has the current it girl: Megan Fox. And as of the writing of this blog, almost 250,000 people have viewed it on YouTube...It's certainly worth a look, even if it's not specifically about the arts...Click here to view Hot for Teachers with Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. … [Read more...]

Parents Are Key: Will We Ever Make Good on the Notion?

For this past year's Grantmakers in the Arts Conference, a few people were asked to write short think pieces to accompany GIA's arts education pre-conference. The following is the piece that I wrote about parent engagement:I've been hearing about the power of parents in education since I started as a teaching artist in 1985, and in 2009 you still hear it all the time, at meetings, conferences, in reports, etc. It's one of the proverbial "legs of the table." Certainly, we have from time-to-time witnessed engaged parents advocating with school … [Read more...]

Art, A Music Video by Andrea Dorfman

I love this video. My daughter Sophie and I were watching this morning and she agrees, giving it a four and a half year old's seal of approval.The director is the artist Andrea Dorfman. The music is by Tanya Davis. Click away, it's a sweet and appealing video, and even if you don't like the style of music, I dare you, double dare you, to say you don't like the message. … [Read more...]

Arts Advocacy as a Double-Edged Sword, Part Two: What is Advocacy Anyway?

As a follow-up to Jane Remer's finely-honed blog on Dewey21c (Arts Advocacy is a Double-Edged Sword), I thought it might be helpful to post a bit of a rundown on the various types of advocacy. While the term "advocacy" may be bounced around in a singular manner, it is after all an umbrella term describing many different types of activities. Before I get to that, I do think it's important to note that the nature of arts education advocacy is changing rapidly. If you look at the work of Arts for All in Los Angeles, you're going to see some very … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger Jane Remer: Arts Advocacy as a Double-Edged Sword

In today's entry for her recurring guest blog, titled CliffNotes, Jane Remer tackles arts education advocacy. Never one to mince words, Jane gives us all lots to think about.  RK*************************************************************************************************************As I have said for years, the arts education community is not a true "field," as it is riddled with great diversity of philosophy, purpose, method, content and ways of accountability. Arguing or advocating for financial and other support can be a tricky … [Read more...]

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