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A Pretty Good Primer on Arts Education Advocacy

GothamSchools is a sort of Artsjournal for education issues. Historically, it has been focused on New York City, but has expanded its coverage in the past couple of years.

GS published a through report on yesterday’s press conference, protest, and report release concerning proposed budget cuts that will lead to a reduction in certified arts teachers of 20 percent over two years. The report goes further to look at some policy and advocacy issues over the past four years.
I think it’s a good read, and while it clearly wasn’t intended to be a primer of any sort, it ends up fitting that bill pretty darn well.
So, you take one part solid report with specific goals, one part strong coalition of partners, including elected officials, parents, students, organized labor, one part press conference/rally, one part terrific media coverage, then shake and bake.
“I think it’s realistic, it’s possible, if the parties are willing to be flexible,” Jackson said. “The game plan is to continue the press conferences, the rallies, the phone calls, all the things necessary to communicate how important this is.”

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