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An Arts Education Toolkit, by Parents, for Parents

The Center for Arts Education, where I work, has had a toolkit for the past five or so years that was created by the parents, teachers, school leadership, and cultural partners, of PS 203 Queens, together with CAE as part of the program Parents as Arts Partners.

Involving Parents and Schools in Arts Education is a 44 page toolkit, with a whole host of tools that any parent will find useful as they look for help in advancing arts education in their child’s school.

You have to admit, there’s something to be said about a guide that emerges directly from the work of parents, educators, and partners, rather than from staff (not that there’s anything wrong with that, as they say in Seinfeld.)

Here’s a chapter list, followed by the embedded toolkit, easily viewed or downloaded to a computer near you…

Foreword i
Introduction ii
Where to Begin 1
Assembling a Team • Gathering Pertinent Information • Developing a School Arts Survey: Check Out Existing Information • Essential Questions
Understanding Parents 2
Survey Needs and Assets • Linguistics and Cultural Tapestry: Identifying Multicultural Elements • Perspectives
Educating Parents 3-4
Why Arts Education Is Important: What Parents Need to Know • How to Reach Parents • Perspectives
Motivating Parents 5
Who Motivates Parents? • What Are the Benefits to Parents? • When and Where to Share Benefits • Perspectives
Empowering Parents 6
Developing Training Opportunities • Defining Action Roles • Offering Rewards • Using a Parent Bulletin Board • Perspectives
Creating a Family Arts Day 7-11
Using an Event as a Springboard • Preparing for an Event • Announcing and Publicizing Your Event • Final Preparation • Day of the Event (For Event Planners and Volunteers) • End of the Event: Thank You and Good Night • Reflection/Evaluation
Parent Advocates 12
Creating a Bandwagon
Building Bridges 13
Cultivating Ongoing Relationships • Parents and Administration • Parents and Teachers • Parents and Artists
Glossary 14
Appendices 15

Involving Parents & Schools Toolkit

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