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A Living Mural At McKinley Middle School: Sustaining the Arts Across Years

Classes Come and Go, But the Mural Grows and Grows, by Fernanda Santos, The New York Times, May 18th, 2011

The mural occupies the walls and steel doors along two floors of a
middle school in Brooklyn. If turned into pavement, it would extend more
than two city blocks.

It’s a terrific story about a terrific school that I know well. IS259 in Brooklyn was a long-term partner school of The Center for Arts Education.

If you want to see a bit about the mural after reading the Times piece, I’ve included a nice video about the project.

And, if you want to learn even more about the school and itss approach to sustaining arts education, they are a feature of CAE’s online look at promising practices, called Arts Powered Learning.

Click here to here to access Arts Powered Learning: School Leadership Module 1, featuring IS 259.

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