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Arts Education Cuts at Dallas Independent School District

Okay, here is a links to give you a sense of cuts to arts positions being proposed at the Dallas Independent School District.

razor_blade.jpgThese types of reports are coming down the pike daily, from all different parts of the country. This one has a bit more to it as there is an interesting blog post and follow-up posts on the Dallas Morning News website.

Ignore the title, as it won’t do you much good, but take a look at what’s coming up on the forum:

A Possible Exclusion for Learning Centers

Here’s a bit of flavor from the piece:

The numbers at Sidney Lanier Expressive Arts Vanguard still not looking so good.
This is the only elementary in Dallas to offer students two Expressive
Arts classes every day from Theater,Dance,Visual Art,Band,Orchestra, Piano and Choir. The staffing information shows only 6 Vanguard
teachers.This number is based upon a no rehire for the vacant Vanguard
Choir teacher position at midyear. The current formula appears to leave
Lanier with 3.5 out of 7 Vanguard positions. That alters the program
beyond recognition.These positions represent 7 different disciplines
taught by teachers with very specific areas of training.The parents and
students who interviewed for Lanier did so because of the Vanguard
program. How many of them will stay if the program doesn’t exist?  Lanier’s Exemplary rating is due to the successful partnership between
the Arts teachers and the classroom teachers.The destruction of the
Vanguard program hurts the entire school and every student…not just
the Vanguard program. This is a comprehensive neighborhood school which
should have an Art teacher and a Music teacher to serve the home school
students. Currently there is no music teacher;the Vanguard teachers work together to offer music to these students.  Looking at some of the cuts at other schools there seems to be a
pattern of cutting Arts education. Wonder what the Wallace Foundation
thinks about that? Or Big Thought? Or DISD’s very own Fine Arts
administrators?  Lanier is a scrappy little school with no one really speaking out for
it. Mr Jerome Garza is the trustee representing Lanier’s interests. No
doubt he recognizes what is at stake here.  Parents did try to communicate their opinions to Dr. Hinojosa. He did
not appear to appreciate their attempt to exercise their right to free
speech or to assemble. Their effort to support their school was
dismissed. And we wonder why we can’t get more parental involvement. Please, all parents stay strong and work together. You make the biggest difference.

Will keep you posted…

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