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Archives for July 2010

Adman Saatchi’s “London MOCA”: Real Deal or Sales Job?

Saatchi Gallery, LondonThere's more than meets the eye and much that doesn't add up about Charles Saatchi's recent public disclosure that he is "is gifting over 200 works [from his collection], and the Saatchi Gallery [the former adman's art facility in Chelsea], to create a Museum of Contemporary Art for London." The core permanent collection is said to be "worth more than £25 million at current market value."For reasons best known to Saatchi, Thursday's announcement, while garnering mostly favorable publicity for the project, was … [Read more...]

Upcoming CultureChat: Single-Collector Museum Shows

1970 cartoon by Barney Tobey for the New Yorker magazine (featuring a famous Metropolitan Museum Rembrandt), on display in the Met's current exhibition, "Italian Old Master Drawings from the Tobey Collection" (Cartoon caption: "Hey, look! That jigsaw puzzle you gave me last Christmas!")Our first CultureChat was great fun. Let's do it again, shall we? This Thursday, July 8, at 3:30 p.m., we'll tackle our first hot-button topic---the rewards and pitfalls of single-collector exhibitions at nonprofit museums.Dakis has recently left the New Museum. … [Read more...]

What’s Wrong with the New AAMD Deaccession Guidelines?

Before I power down for a lon-g-g-g-g holiday weekend, here are my responses to the updated AAMD Policy on Deaccessioning, which we've all now had the chance to read:The 12-page document fleshes things out, particularly with regard to fractional deaccessioning (with an appendix of six hypotheticals that resembles a hair-splitting law-school assignment, but doesn't add up to coherent policy). It addresses a few new areas, most notably: procedures for applying sanctions to misbehaving museums and for bringing sanctioned museums (i.e., the … [Read more...]

News Flash: AAMD Releases Updated Deaccession Guidelines

It's not posted to the association's website yet, but you can read the 12-page document along with me, here.At least I got that news out before Journalist X! … [Read more...]

Playing Favorites: Kaywin Feldman Off to Bad Start as AAMD President

Kaywin Feldman, AAMD's presidentI have often railed against a "Times-first" policy---that exasperating practice of spoonfeeding a cultural-news story of general interest and importance to a NY Times writer before the rest of the scribe tribe is allowed to get a taste of it. (My recent food-fight response to this was ketchup journalism.)I don't know whether it's the NY Times or some other news organization that has been uniquely privileged with a chance to converse with Kaywin Feldman, the new president of the Association of Art Museum … [Read more...]

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