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“Best Blog”: CultureGrrl Wins “Front Page Award” of Newswomen’s Club of NY

National Arts Club: Cocktails, anyone?

Who needs the Pulitzer anyway?

CultureGrrl has just been awarded the “Best Blog” designation from the Newswomen’s Club of New York, whose distinguished 2009 winners also include Kelly Crow, my Wall Street Journal colleague.

I got the blog nod for “Stealth Deaccessions by the National Academy”—this post and the subsequent follow-ups. Kelly was honored for cultural reporting in the newspaper category, on the strength of her Aug. 22, 2008 piece, From the Art World to the Underworld.

Our illustrious co-celebrants at the June 25 awards ceremony at the National Arts Club (above) on Gramercy Park include journalists from the New Yorker, New York magazine, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, Salon and (as listed on the club’s website) “Bllomberg News.” Kelly’s publication is listed as “Wall Streete Journal.” Where are the copy editors when we really need them? (They may have belatedly arrived by the time you read this.)

I hope you’ll perhaps consider honoring
my honor by visiting my donation page. (The Front Page Award is flash, not cash.) Speaking of which—many thanks to CultureGrrl Donor 41, who clicked my yellow button while I was vamping as the Virago in Chicago.

Catch you next month over cocktails, Kelly!

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