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  • Rattatouille as a metaphor for Disney vs. Pixar. Naturally, this comes from a website called The Journal of Cartoon Over-Analyzations, but it works surprisingly well. 
  • Charles Fort was not barking mad; well, not quite, despite his belief that showers of blood are the solar system's internal hemorrhages. Author-magic-historian Jim Steinmeyer has found another historical character who mixes magic and science in weird ways.  
  • "A French doctor, Séverin Icard, was so anxious to confirm the death of one patient in 1905 that he inserted a needle into her heart; she had been alive but his test quickly remedied that" -- from Melanie King's history of death, The Dying Game, as reviewed in the Telegraph.
  • Talking to myself: The "lost" Alexander Dumas novel, The Last Cavalier, has been published in translation. "The key thing to know about Dumas is that he was brilliant at cliff-hangers but hopeless at dialogue. And this novel has an awful lot of dialogue. And dialogue within dialogue. And even dialogue within dialogue within dialogue."
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Eeeek! That third one is ghastly. Clearly I need to add it to my wishlist. ;)


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