Mini-Monday round-up

April 6, 2008 9:18 PM | | Comments (3)


I will now Photoshop some blushing on to my handsome cheeks.

And then tell my brother David that he's simply being jealous -- see?? readers do like me! -- but it'll probably just launch our Smothers Brothers act.

Actually i find book daddy's pic quite hot :)

Where did you get such an uncomplementary picture of yourself for this blog? You look like Dick Cheney's nephew. Why are you scowling? Are current publications that bad? Did you run into some bad prose? You look mean enough to be on 'American Idol'. C'mon, cheer up!


Best of the Vault


Pat Barker, Frankenstein, Cass Sunstein on the internet, Samuel Johnson, Thrillers, Denis Johnson, Alan Furst, Caryl Phillips, Richard Flanagan, George Saunders, Michael Harvey, Larry McMurtry, Harry Potter and more ...


Big D between the sheets -- Dallas in fiction


Reviewing the state of reviewing


9/11 as a novel: Why?


How can critics say the things they do? And why does anyone pay attention? It's the issue of authority.

The disappearing book pages:  

Papers are cutting book coverage for little reason

Thrillers and Lists:  

Noir favorites, who makes the cut and why



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