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  • In the February/March issue, the late, great Texas writer, Donald Barthelme receives an excellent appreciation by James Wolcott (whom book/daddy often finds irritatingly self-important, but when he's on a roll, he can do some fine horn-tooting). The hallowed occasion: With Flying to America: 45 More Stories, all of Don B's short works finally seem to be in print.

  • Also in Bookforum, an excerpt from David Hajdu's book, The 10-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America. The book won't be out until March, but I can say, halfway through it, that it's a terrific cultural history.

    Initially, book/daddy thought, who needed another recounting of Dr. Frederick Wertham's fearmongering with his infamous 1954 diatribe, The Seduction of the Innocent? The book linked comics to juvenile delinquency and just about anything else wrong with teens, including acne and bad posture. Read any history of comics, and you'll find the story repeated; it's the McCarthyite Red Scare of the superhero world. It nearly killed the industry. But Hajdu has found a much wider, more interesting tale -- practically the entire history of comics is tied up with attempted censorhip -- and with some truly eccentric characters along the way.

  • Richard Locke has written a review of Pat Barker's new novel, Life Class, which includes an excellent overview of the Booker Prize-winning novelist's work. Professor Locke thinks the new book doesn't hold a candle to Barker's superb Regeneration trilogy. In my New York Sun review (see below), I don't think it's as good, but still well worth reading, a superb piece of fiction.

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    Decent - someone from the parenting site gurgle recommended this blog and I really like it!

    That is an awesome cover picture you've got there! I aree with Locke's analysis of Barker's latest work, it's not a patch on the Regeneration books but even not in comparison to those books I don't it too highly individually. Checked up it's reviews on this book review site and people seem to agree!


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