Round-up. Or considering these items, maybe "Wind-down" would be better

  • Romance novels represent one-fourth of all popular fiction sold, some 6,000 new titles per year. But sales are flat, the readership is aging and even mighty Harlequin laid off people last year. Is the multi-cultural romance novel an answer?

  • Lovely. Library books will now have advertising inserts in them. At least in England. Here, we'll settle for Homeland Security tracking devices.

  • That favorite author? The one who cranks out a new novel every year? The one whose brand-new novel you just bought? She or he may be dead. LIke Ian Fleming. Or Robert Ludlum. And especially V. C. Andrews.

  • Academics discussing bad-boy French novelist Michel Houellebecq: The fundamental difference between the Marquis de Sade and Houellebecq, "comes down to 1968, it would seem. How can anyone have an orgasm after May 1968?"
    The Elegant Variation has the intermittently hilarious, translated transcript.

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    9/11 as a novel: Why?


    How can critics say the things they do? And why does anyone pay attention? It's the issue of authority.

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