The semiotics of selling out start here.

Note the Official NEW! book/daddy logo (trademarked) over on the right, there.

I envision an entire product line. Jeans. Action figures. Designer reading glasses. Fast-food tie-ins at libraries and coffee shops ("the Dewey Decimal Double-Decker!").

And the book/daddy perfume: La critique de la vie quotidienne

To submit other product ideas (or actual, lucrative merchandising contracts!): please e-mail book/ with the subject line, "Unbridled Corporate Weasels" -- the name of book/daddy, incorporated's image-branding division.

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I'll just settle for the t-shirt. No, not the "book/daddy" shirt. I want the "Unbridled Corporate Weasel" shirt. And the matching baseball cap.

Excellent ideas, all of them, although you neglected to suggest anything in the way of a high-end line of lingerie, a particular favorite plan of b/d, inc.

Nevertheless, you have successfully passed the test to head up Unbridled Corporate Weasels. Congratulations. You may now earn your salary by pilfering everything you can.

Don't forget the breakfast cereal with your face on the box, the Halloween masks of you (with plastic faux-suits), and the pencils with little book/daddy head erasers on the ends.


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