We're becoming like the French

Perhaps we should all just take off the month of August. That's a plan I could get behind, now that-- drat the luck -- Scott McLemee has joined Phil Nugent in taking a break from blogging. They're doing some serious damage to book/daddy's enjoyable online reading. In Scott's case, he's headed for a little re-thinking and recreating in, Francophillicaly enough, Montreal.

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Oh, sure -- the stock and the real estate are great. But those big bags of money come in handy too.

Not to mention the pool of AJ servants! They are remarkably well-trained.

Don't know about you, Scott, but I came to AJ for the stock options and the time-share condo in Ponca City, Oklahoma. That's what Doug used to lure me away from The Dallas Morning News.

Of course Jerome and I get such enormous salaries here at AJ that taking a whole month off is no big deal.

I think we can sell this. Let's not mention our lazy Gallic brethren. Instead, we'll pitch "August Off" as very American practice.

You know, just like Congress.

Ooooh. Now if only I could get my husband's employer to get behind this. A whole month with no hour-plus commute each way to work! No 4:30 am wake-up!


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