Look on My Works, ye Mighty, and Despair!

Just one day -- one day -- after book/daddy complained about Gail Collins' columns being available online only through TimeSelect, The New York Times decides to phase out charging for such material.

Readers -- suitably impressed by book/daddy's power and aware of how much they will benefit from my courageous stand -- may wish to honor me in an appropriate fashion.

PayPal accepted.

And that was just a warm-up. Next, book/daddy will get an actual left-wing Democrat elected to the White House.

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Hmph. That'll teach me to comment on a specific post without going to the main page to see subsequent ones.

You commented before book/daddy could fully amend his post. Removing the odious TimeSelect was just a preliminary trial for book/daddy, easily passed.

Now for the Big One, a task that has foiled thousands, if not millions, of people the entire 20th century! It's a fact: No modern candidate from the left-wing of the Democratic party has ever been elected president.

Roosevelt? He was the middle-of-the-road choice compared to Al Smith and later, Henry Wallace. JFK? The liberals still pined for Adlai Stevenson. Jimmy Carter? Ted Kennedy was the leftists' hope then. And despite conservatives' rantings, Bill Clinton and Al Gore were hardly radical liberals -- conveniently forgotten was the Democratic Leadershp Council and its explicit plan to get an "electable" Democrat into office.

Lol! Such power indeed. What will you set your omnipotent sights on next?


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