Another savage expose of the publishing industry

New drama. British. About a young author and a sharp agent. Written, of course, by a young author.

You can fill in the rest:

"The play comprises one long confrontation between Alexander, the agent (shark-like William Beck), and Stephen (Stephen Kennedy, in an anorak), a hapless writer. Essentially, the play wills us to see how immoral and thoroughly nasty agents are, and how noble the underconfident (yet morally superior) writer is. We are told that it is based 'on an original meeting.'

"It must have been one hell of a meeting...."

"Although I suspect only people with a grudge against the publishing world will really appreciate this play, I sort of salute Martin Wagner for being pissed off and courageous enough to push it through, first on to the London fringe, and now into the West End. In the programme, he lists his previous achievements, one of which is a self-published novel .... At the time of writing this, its position on the Amazon list was 2,373,448."

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Sorry, I don't get this blog, nor Heather's comment. Neither of you have seen the play, I take it?

Oooh, scathing.

...And yet oh so true!


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