After FEMA, is there still "a house in New Orleans/They call the Rising Sun"?

book/daddy knew that the mournful, driving, '60s rock chestnut, "The House of the Rising Sun," did not begin with Eric Burdon and the Animals. He's read up on and heard Alan Lomax' recordings. What he didn't know -- what Ted Anthony makes clear in Chasing the Rising Sun: The Journey of an American Song -- was that Georgia Turner's 1937 version isn 't the original by a long shot, either. book/daddy seems to have suffered from a primitive folklorist's creation myth: 'Tweren't never that simple, as Greil Marcus could have told me. Check out Saul Austerlitz' review in the San Francisco Chronicle

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I found that song in a songbook of my wife's of old "traditional" tunes. I was surprised to see it there. I'll have to check to see who they claim is the composer. It may just be "traditional tune" and not attributed to anybody.


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