Wish I'd Said That

We interrupt our regularly scheduled discussion of literature to bring you this Pop Culture Item of Interest:

Recently, book/daddy-o was arguing with a chum about the whole Imus firing thing (it made the front page of Time magazine, my God, we are a hopeless nation), and the chum said, "Yeah, but you loved Richard Pryor. When he got fired, you got pissed."

Hmmm. True. But here's Phil Nugent (see below) making that nuanced distinction between Richard Pryor or Lenny Bruce on the one hand and Howard Stern and Don Imus on the other:

"Claiming total expressive freedom to express nothing, but with a special emphasis on abusing their betters as hatefully as possible, Imus and his ilk have dedicated their careers to something that I regard as unforgivable. They have dishonored the image of the smart, funny American motormouth as wild man."

Good point. We here at book/daddy think "Wish I'd Said That" will become a regular feature for this franchise. Thank you. You may now return to your regularly scheduled reading.

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