Time to put an asterisk on the ol' resume

It seems that the Katie Award that book/daddy won last year has about as much credibility as a second-hand Grammy with the name chiseled off. As first reported in the Dallas Business Journal, but now fleshed out in a Dallas Morning News front-page story, the president of the Dallas Press Club has a teensy problem with the truth -- considering her history of lying and stealing and being declared "not guilty by reason of insanity."

In this case, those sad, personal issues in her past are relevant because she apparently can't produce a list of the judges who picked last year's winners.

The same judges who awarded her four prizes.

Book/daddy is looking at this in a positive light. It'll be one less item cluttering up the Official Book/Daddy Memorial Archives.

"Hey, Sara! Pull that last Katie down from the attic and stick it in the yard sale."

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