Dickinson in Dallas

Comes word from Willard Spiegelman, author of How Poets See the World and editor of The Southwest Review, that Southern Methodist University is, in his words, "having a two-day thing": a matched pair of reading/lecture and performance/talk on Emily Dickinson this Thursday and Friday, April 12 & 13. The first is by poet Mary Jo Salter, author of Open Shutters, and the Emily Dickinson Senior Lecturer at Mount Holyoke. She'll be speaking at the DeGolyer Library. The second is with mezzo-soprano Virginia Dupuy, performing Emily Dickinson in song, by William Jordan, composer. The recital will be at the Meadows School of the Arts.

Setting Dickinson to music makes a great deal of sense, by the way, considering how she wrote her poems with the same rhythm present in many popular 19th century songs and hymns. Try singing "Because I could not stop for death" to the "Yellow Rose of Texas." You'll never get it out of your head.

If you're in Dallas, Willard writes, "there is nothing to be done on Friday night that will be more fun than this, approved Methodist beverages notwithstanding."

Anyone for sneaking in some moonshine?

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Paul Muldoon's commentary on Dickinson and Frost in his published Oxford lectures is mind blowing, simply and safely. Having never heard Yellow Rose of Texas (but having known this about Dickinson) I'm resolved to YouTube it!

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