The disappearing book pages:

Papers are cutting book coverage for little reason

My farewell column reflecting on changes in books coverage, what it's meant to me as I decide to leave the Dallas Morning News. The newspaper wouldn't run the column. I don't know. You tell me. Seems pretty harmless. But then, I wrote it that way to see if even this wouldn't pass muster with paranoid management.

The public fallout from that departure and some early thoughts

The typical thinking behind cuts in book pages and why it's doing newspapers more harm than good

Books vs. pop culture, books vs. pop culture coverage, why they battle against the current, and some very stimulating readers' responses

Book reviews and ad revenues. The Wall Street Journal thinks it's all the book industry's fault, not the newspapers'. No one is shocked.

A promising proposal about ads for book pages

An exchange in the letters column at the Romenesko website about why book pages are being cut and how wrong Howard Kurtz was on the topic

A Columbia Journalism Review story on the travails at The Dallas Morning News reveals that -- guess what? -- cutting staff to improve a newspaper is a disastrously bad idea.

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Reviewing the state of reviewing


9/11 as a novel: Why?


How can critics say the things they do? And why does anyone pay attention? It's the issue of authority.

The disappearing book pages:  

Papers are cutting book coverage for little reason

Thrillers and Lists:  

Noir favorites, who makes the cut and why



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