Dragging out the dead

Still looking for a job. Scrolling through a notice for yet another in-house corporate editor's position -- proficient in Excel, contract management, writing profiles and press releases (I liked the part about "creative writing for our clients"), a positive attitude, a self-starter, etc. etc. The usual impression that they want a high-powered world-beater who'll do everything for next-to-nothing.

Then I came to this requirement: Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs.

Shoot. It seems I won't have an assistant to lug out the boxes of shredded documents.

March 18, 2007 5:45 PM | | Comments (4)



I have to PROVE I can work out?? What is this country coming to? Will it be a job requirement that I'm buff enough to take on Bruce Willis in unarmed combat?

I can see it maybe as a requirement for health insurance ("Here, coff, coff, lemme put down my cigarette and whiskey before I try to lift that suitcase of unmarked bills").

But what about someone oh, say, who just happens to be recovering from torn rotator cuff surgery? Purely a hypothetical case here, of course. But let's say he underwent it on September 16, so it's still six months since his shoulder got cut open. Do I - I mean, does HE -- go to the school nurse and get excused from gym class?

Jerome, the fifty pound rule is fairly standard. All the execs at the money center banks work out.

Of course I didn't apply. Lifting stuff like that would spoil my suits.

It's a good motto for life, especially after having shoulder surgery: Don't lift anything heavier than a cocktail.

I guess you didn't apply for the job because you can't lift 50 #s.


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