" 'If you want to get that scholarship and go to Oxford and get into the Civil Service and be a great man and have two thousand pounds a year and a nice clean wife with hot and cold and a kid with real eyes that open and close and a garage for two cars and a savings' book, you'll have to work in your dinner-time. All the good boys round here work in their dinner-time.'
'They've been writing names all over Eve, Mr. Ji-jimson. It's b-beastly, b-beastly.'
'Yes, they seem to have appreciated my picture a whole lot.'
'I wonder you can go on pa-painting, Mr. Jijimson, for such people.'
'I like painting. That's been my trouble all my life.'
'I wu-wish I could paint.'
'Now, young chap, you go home quick; before you catch anything.'
And I chased him out."

--The Horse's Mouth by Joyce Cary

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"A nice clean wife with hot and cold."

That's genius. I know it 's two different things--and I know, too, how hard it is to find good plumbing in England, but at first I read it as if the temperatures were a feature of the wife.



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