Nadine would seem to have been right ...

You gotta wonder about this guy writing anyone's "authorized" biography again. "Venomous"? "Vindictive"? "Grandiose"?

After Nadine Gordimer objected to Roberts' No Cold Kitchen, her authorized bio, Farrar Straus & Giroux in America and Bloomsbury in England refused to publish it. Got all sorts of international attention, including in the NYTimes. He claimed she objected to his printing several letters that said unflattering things about fellow anti-apartheid activists and authors, such as Doris Lessing.

But in her blog, ambainny put the dispute in the context of "the uncertain role of white anti-apartheid activists now that the African National Congress has become the government. Gordimer, who has been active with the A.N.C. since the '70s, when it was an illegal organization, may still be lionized abroad, but at home she finds herself criticized from all sides."

On the other hand, in this separate case, the judge simply found Roberts to be a tremendous jerk.

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