It WOULD be this week, wouldn't it?

... I have a lot of meetings arranged (possible work!) and a deadline to meet (real work for money!), so the postings may get spotty over the next several days.

Plus, I haven't received any e-mail in three days. Not even spam. The longest run with no messages I've had in quite a while. Something's wrong with Comcast/TimeWarner, I'm sure, but, of course, no one answers the phone over at GlobalMediaDomination HQ. So if you HAVE e-mailed me, that's why there's been no response or I haven't posted your comment.

And all of this happens to me during National Delurking Week. If you're visiting a blog this week, you're required to write and indicate you actually read the thing. Otherwise, we kick your @ out of your e-mail address and you won't be able to send messages. Or log in. Or buy anything on eBay.

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Hey, good luck on the earning money thing. Cuts into your blogging time, not to mention social life, but hey, it's hard to throw a good party out in the street with all your worldly goods piled around you.... :)

I put the reference to Delurking on my blog so that I would have something to say now, while delurking.

No eBay? What a scary thought...consider me officially delurked.

A friend of friend found out that with the switch from Comcast to Time Warner, her e-mail was being forwarded to a new mailbox for which she had neither access information nor a password. Not that that helps you solve the problem, but.... Best of luck with the work and the possible work.


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