The T-Shirt of the Guitar Gods

The report in The New York Times today that brilliant Australian scientists have invented a t-shirt that acts as a guitar has inspired me to pull another quotation from Dave Hickey's essay collection, Air Guitar:

In "The Little Church of Perry Mason," Mr. Hickey hilariously, ingeniously and quite seriously argues for the cultural significance of the classic TV show based on Earle Stanley Gardner's defense attorney. But immediately after grad school, Mr. Hickey strayed:

"For a year or so, I was helplessly addicted to Mission Impossible, which I quickly recognized as the Church of the Small Business Guy because for one hour, every week, there was a task to be performed, and by God it was! If you needed expertise, you sent out for the best people -- and they all showed up! Right on time, and they didn't hate one another, or call in sick, or show up stoned, or complain about the bucks, or loaf on the job. They were fucking professionals, who could operate the equipment -- and the equipment, my friend, always worked!"

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