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An ArtsJournal Conversation

Looking for our 10-day "topic" blog Critical Conversation? It ran from July 27th through August 7th, 2004, and featured a dozen of America's best music critics discussing whether or not it is still possible for a Big Idea to animate classical music. Our bloggers included: Alex Ross from the New Yorker, Kyle Gann from the Village Voice, Justin Davidson from Newsday, Scott Cantrell from the Dallas Morning News, Charles Ward from the Houston Chronicle, Wynne Delacoma from the Chicago Sun-Times, Andrew Druckenbrod from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Kyle MacMillan from the Denver Post, Greg Sandow from the Wall Street Journal, Anne Midgette from the New York Times, John Rockwell from the New York Times, and John von Rhein from the Chicago Tribune. To read more about the blog, go here

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