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An Experiment

If you're a regular reader of AJ, you're already familiar with Sam's writing even if you don't know it. For the past three years Sam has been an AJ contributing editor, helping to collect stories and write for the site. During my recent vacation he ably filled in for me for a week, and he is an indispensible part of AJ. He's also a sharp writer and inciteful observer. Though I've not heard him play his violin wannabe, I suspect he's a helluva musician as well.

As the AJ Arts Blog idea grows, we'll be trying out some new blog forms. Sam's RoadTrip will be active while his orchestra is on tour, then archived. Soon, we'll be introducing some Topic Blogs - group websites that will feature debates on current issues in the arts. These too, will have limited active lifespans, and will be archived.

So for the next three weeks, we hope you will enjoy the trip with Sam as he tours some of the musical capitals of Europe. 

- Douglas McLennan
  Editor, ArtsJournal

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