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A Little Fine Tuning

Sharp-eyed readers will notice some changes on ArtsJournal this morning. First, we have a new sponsor - Rolex - whose presence you will notice in several places around the site. Second - we've revamped our newsletter services, automating some previously labor-intensive (for me) parts of the process.

Third, you'll notice that the right column on the site's front page has been remade. Our blogs get higher visibility, as we introduce more of them - over the next six months you'll see as many as 30 new blogs on AJ.

We've also moved the "Previous Days" links to an index page. There you can find any previous day's edition of ArtsJournal. The link to that page is located at the top right of the center column.

Later this week we will be launching ArtsJournal Classifieds - you can reach 15,000 daily AJ readers PLUS get prime exposure to 13,000 ArtsJournal newsletter readers. For advertising information, please go here.

Lastly, we've eliminated the "What You're Reading" feature, and consolidated our "Threads" and "ArtsWatch" sections.

ArtsJournal has grown tremendously in the past six months, and we're set to break a million page views/month if not this month, then next. Thanks to all of you for helping to make ArtsJournal a success. If you'd like to help support the site further, why not join some of the best-informed arts denizens on the planet and order a premium subscription newsletter? At $28/year, it will provide you with all the arts news you need to have.

Doug McLennan
Editor, ArtsJournal

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