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Return To Yesterday's News

Part of the difficulty of retaining the "yesterday's stories" link was with our move to a more fluid posting schedule. While we used to post in two shifts a day, now our schedule continues throughout the day.

This past weekend, for example, most of the stories went up Sunday afternoon. Since stories now stay on the site for 24 hours, all of the weekend stories will stay posted through Monday afternoon. This makes defining a "daily" edition difficult.

But I think we may have solved the problem - beginning sometime this week, we'll start posting a "previous day's" version of the front page and make easily-available the three previous days' editions...

But maybe an even easier way to make sure you don't miss a day is to subscribe to our daily newsletter, sent every night around midnight, Pacific Time (US). The free newsletter gives you links to every story featured on ArtsJournal. The premium version ($28 US) also includes our descriptions of stories, just as you see them on ArtsJournal.

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