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Our new content management system allows us to track the most popular links on ArtsJournal, so every week we'll report what the five most popular stories of the previous week were.

While we were testing this feature the week before launch, the results were a little predictable - the most popular story was a BBC account of the "Bad Sex in Fiction Award," a story thousands of you went to check out.

Ooh Baby Baby... Wendy Perriam has won "one of the least coveted prizes in literature" - the Bad Sex in Fiction Award, awarded by the Literary Review. The prize is for the worst literary description of sex in a novel, and some of the literary world's best-known authors have been nominated. "Robert Posner of the Literary Review said Perriam's book stood out from the rest because 'they had never before heard of pin-striped genitalia', although he admitted the committee of judges were confused as to what it actually meant." BBC 12.05.02

This past week, the most popular stories were less racy, split between publishing and visual arts, with one music story - the discovery of a Mahler manuscript - sneaking onto the list. For the complete list, see here.

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