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Managing Director – Bucks County Playhouse

BUCKS COUNTY PLAYHOUSE (The Playhouse) welcomes applications from driven, ambitious executive leaders who are excited about the possibility of serving as Bucks County Playhouse’s new Managing Director.

The Managing Director role is a new one to the Playhouse and will shepherd the strategy for continuing growth of a company with a much heralded past and energized approach to an even more exciting future. Reporting directly to BCP’s Producing Director, the Managing Director will form a strong working relationship with the Playhouse’s two Boards of Directors, inspire staff towards constant improvement and innovation, and be forward focused in executing plans to confirm the Playhouse’s growing place in the national theatre community as one of the top producing companies in the country for revivals and new work with a notable emphasis on musical theater.

Compelled equally by addressing opportunities and challenges, the Managing Director will be a master of identifying and securing resources through well-developed fundraising strategies, an eye towards commercial collaboration, and new pathways to strengthening operations and maximizing potential for earned income.

The Managing Director’s decision-making skills will be grounded in a consensus building approach to management, and collaboration will be a value that this talented individual brings into all practices through a welcoming spirit and clear communication style.

Bucks County Playhouse has engaged Management Consultants for the Arts to lead the search for their Managing Director, and interested candidates may apply for this position by visiting this link:

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