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The Greatest Present-Day Liszt Pianist


  1. I wonder if there’s a Youtube video of Suk playing Liszt’s “Evening Harmonies”. I love this piano piece and have been trying to master it myself for many years now.
    I’m glad you introduced me to another Liszt interpreter. I’ve always been a fan of Jorge Bolet’s Liszt performances myself.

  2. MIkhail Kaykov says:

    I heard the Mannes Liszt Sonata live, quite an overwhelming experience.
    -Mikhail Kaykov

  3. Horowitz is the greatest Liszt interpreter in my opinion. He was a magician on the piano. Of course he isn’t a present day pianist, so this is a little off topic. But, Suk is certainly a good nomination for the greatest interpreter of Liszt’s piano works.
    – Cheers

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