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Sunday, December 15, 2002

What You're Reading...

By Douglas McLennan

These are the stories most clicked-on by ArtsJournal readers last week:

  1. Picasso, Van Gogh and Some of the Boys Sitting Around in a Bar Artists see the world in their own stylistic ways. Here's a Flash animation that imagines what the everyday world might look like through the eyes of different artists. FlashAward 2002, Germany

  2. Mahler Manuscript Means Much So what difference does the discovery last month of a new manuscript of Mahler's First Symphony make? "It changes not the substance of the symphony but its sound: its orchestration and how, by means of stress and rhythmic detail, its ideas are articulated how, in a word, it speaks." The New York Times 12/08/02

  3. Must Reads The 25 best books of the year? The Village Voice Literary Supplement has a list... Village Voice Literary Supplement 12/10/02

  4. The Secret Bestsellers Yes there's the prestigious New York Times Bestseller List. And the names that appear on it are generally known to one and all. But talk to the people who are actually in the bookstores selling books, and you hear about an entirely different list... Are these the "real" bestellers? MobyLives 12/10/02

  5. How The Van Gogh Burglers Made Their Score Over the weekend they pulled off their heist at Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum. "Employing low-tech cunning against the hi-tech security features of a heavily protected modern gallery, the cat burglars thwarted CCTV cameras, alarms, motion sensors and 24-hour security guards by simply leaning a ladder against the back of the museum, climbing in through the roof and taking what they wanted." The Observer (UK) 12/08/02

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