Disney Is Buying Up All Our Pop Culture


“Disney remains intent on discovering, rescuing, and rehabilitating precious pop culture artifacts so they can be found or rediscovered by audiences around the world—a modern-day Indiana Jones, indeed.”

Amy Tan On Writing “Microscopically”


“I’ve found that the way to capture the truth of a character – and beyond that, to reflect the truth of how I feel – is to write microscopically. To focus on all the tiny details that, together, make sense of character. Each person’s perspective is absolutely unique; my job is to unearth all the specific events and associations that form an individual consciousness.”

I Will Not Be Ashamed of Loving “Love, Actually”


Emma Green counterattacks in the Love, Actually wars at The Atlantic: “I admire the bravery that’s needed to declare oneself the enemy of Christmas, Colin Firth, and crushes nurtured by 11-year-old kids, and it would be cowardly to hide behind the movie’s cute-factor in mounting my defense.”

Saint Nick’s Evil Sidekick


“While Saint Nicholas may bring gifts to good boys and girls, ancient folklore in Europe’s Alpine region also tells of Krampus, a frightening beast-like creature who emerges during the Yule season, looking for naughty children to punish in horrible ways – or possibly to drag back to his lair in a sack.”

Performing The Vagina Monologues In China


In fact, performers and activists have been presenting Eve Ensler’s script in the still-socially-conservative People’s Republic off and on for a decade now – with widely varying responses from officials and audiences alike.

Can You Distinguish Blue From Blue?


In a blog entry rendered entirely in verse, Robinson Meyer points us to an online quiz testing your ability to tell one shade of Silicon Valley’s favorite color from another.