When A Private Museum Fails

Harry Jackson

“Situations like this are very complicated. There’s the safety of the work, there’s the protection of the work. You know, how do you sustain a collection? How do you have it support itself as a collection?”

Alexander Payne’s Issue With Fathers


Says the director of this fall’s Nebraska (and of The Descendants, Sideways, and Election), “I think many of us have experiences with fathers who … are loving, they are nice, but somehow they’re on another planet and you wonder your whole life, ‘What is that planet that my father is on?’.”

Probing The Unknowable Mysteries Of The Brain


“Is the brain a sort of quantum computer? What is consciousness? Marcelo Gleiser’s brain is buzzing with big questions after participating in a conference that asked if quantum physics plays a role in how we think.”

Price For Norman Rockwell Smashes Record


“By far, the star of the bunch was the 1951 masterpiece Saying Grace, which sold for $46 million — a record for Rockwell’s art… The AP says the artist’s previous record of $15 million had been set by “Breaking Home Ties” at a 2006 Sotheby’s auction.”

Serbian Composer Djuro Zivkovic Wins Grawemeyer Prize


“Zivkovic, who is also active as a violinist, has a mystical bent. He characterizes his winning piece as an “instrumental cantata” inspired by the religious music of J.S. Bach and especially the Philokalia (love of the beautiful), a collection of ancient Eastern Orthodox texts.”

Elizabeth Streb Pushes Dance With Physics


“I force myself on scientists and try and ask some odd questions about quantum physics and particle physics and what would happen if you morphed up those extra six dimensions from superstring theory and put them on the body, what would the body look like? Or – I mean, what does it mean to go in the fifth direction, the sixth direction, the seventh direction.”