Top AJBlog posts for 12.31.13

End Of The Year Thoughts On Museums And Money
Source: Real Clear Arts | Published on 2013-12-31

‘JFK Customs destroyed 11 of my instruments’
Source: Slipped Disc | Published on 2013-12-31

Trinity Wall Street re-defines downtown
Source: Condemned to Music | Published on 2013-12-31

“Rembrandt”? Probably Not: Worcester Art Museum’s Own Version of “American Hustle…
Source: Culturegrrl | Published on 2013-12-31

These Are The Books That Would Have Been In The Public Domain In 2014 (But Won’t Be)


“No published works will enter our public domain until 2019. The laws in Canada and the EU are different – thousands of works are entering their public domains on January 1. What books and plays would be entering the public domain if we had the pre-1978 copyright laws? You might recognize some of the titles.”

The Banksy Backlash Explained


“At some point, Banksy crossed the line between success and establishment hack. He should have seen it coming. The art world, with its unforgiving addiction to novelty, always sneers at popular success. The critical backlash was two fold.”