He Keeps The Opera House On The Amazon Running


“In 1973, Raimundo Pereira do Nascimento, known as ‘Nonato,’ walked into the Manaus Opera House with a contract to hang drywall and help with some restoration work. His deal was for three months, but he stayed on – and over the past 40 years he has held almost every job in the house, from box office clerk to usher to backstage technician.”

Do You Know Handel?


Dear old Georg Frideric was quite a fascinating character: prosperous, gluttonous, gifted, truculent, generous, sometimes glowing with happiness – much more than the pious gentleman who composed oratorios like Messiah.

Herb Geller, 85, Saxophonist And Composer

Herb Geller in 2011

“Initially, he was prominent among the musicians who created the west coast jazz style, picking up combo gigs and recording dates with the best players in California. Later, after the death of his first wife, he relocated to Europe and established himself as a salaried artist in a subsidised orchestra.”

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