Kevin McKenzie on Bringing ABT Back From the Brink


In 1992, American Ballet Theater was reeling from a $6 million deficit and an ugly breakup with artistic director Mikhail Baryshnikov. “McKenzie – a plain-speaking former working-class Irish Catholic altar boy turned ABT principal dancer – was brought in to try to save the company.”

How The Internet Has Grown Since It Was First Switched On


“Everything has expanded by a factor of a million since we turned it on in 1973. The number of machines on the network, the speeds of the network, the kind of memory capacity that’s available, it’s all 10 to the sixth. I would say that there aren’t too many systems that have been designed that can handle a millionfold scaling without completely collapsing. But that doesn’t mean that it will continue to work that way.”

Global Fight To Attract Movie Business As California Loses Out


“Fueled by politicians doling out generous tax breaks, filmmaking talent is migrating to where the money is. The result is an incentives arms race that pits California against governments around the world and allows powerful studios –with hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal– to cherry-pick the best deals.”

The Year Music Escaped The Concert Hall

Sound Art Notebook

“This has been the year of sound art, a year when museums and galleries, alternative spaces and train stations, parks and Beverly Hills formal gardens, even the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva went after a decent-sized piece of the acoustical action. Why now?”

Is That A Sequel – Or A Sell-Out?


“Continuation literature – as it has been hailed – falls into two camps: works that are licensed by writers’ estates and those that, like Austen, are in the public domain.”