How Andy Warhol Explains China’s Attitudes Toward Chairman Mao


Under Deng Xiaoping, the Chinese Communist Party decreed that the Great Helmsman was 70 percent right and 30 percent wrong. “And this mixed legacy makes it hard to pin down exactly what about Mao Party leaders want to celebrate, and what about him they don’t. Who could have anticipated this? Andy Warhol.”

There’s No Such Thing As Standard English Anymore (So Why Do We Pretend There Is?)

Teacher and schoolboy

“Non-standard English is linguistically the equal of the standard version – in fact, dialects tend to be more sophisticated grammatically than standard (as in the plural “youse” of many non-standard dialects where standard has just one confusing form). Yet standard continues – even now – to be prized as the “correct” form, and any deviation is considered to be wrong, lazy, corrupt or ignorant.”

Give My Theatre Its Funding Or I’ll Drive My Car Into The Presidential Palace!


“An Italian theatre manager rammed his car into the iron gates of an entrance to the French presidential palace Thursday to protest against subsidy cuts for his Paris venue, police said. The action was seen as largely symbolic since Attilio Maggiulli ‘only succeeded in lightly hitting the grills at slow speed,’ a police source said.”

Measuring Wikipedia (What we Can Learn From How People Use It)


“The internet behemoth boasts 30 million articles written in more than 285 languages, tweaked by 70,000 active editors and viewed by 530 million visitors worldwide each month. As mountains of information go, it’s Everest. Teasing out trends from the open source encyclopedia’s archives is a task few would even attempt.”

Who Has The Least Power In The Artworld? (A Top 20 List)


“This is a particularly bad year for critics. Not a single entry on the Power 100, while print media keeps firing their full-time art critics. It’s so bad, some critics don’t even bother putting their names on scathing takedowns of multi-million-dollar shows since it really doesn’t matter.”

The Year’s Most Pirated TV Show


Fans “are so eager for the murder, villainy, depravity and wedding banquets gone horribly wrong depicted on that series that they don’t mind engaging in a little piracy to see the show.”

Nicole Kidman With The Real-Life Character She’s Just Played

Nicole Kidman and Patti Lomax

In The Railway Man, the Oscar-winning actress portrays the wife of Eric Lomax, who wrote a best-selling memoir of his time as a prisoner-of-war in a World War II Japanese labor camp in Thailand. In a three-way phone interview, Kidman and Lomax talk about getting to know each other and what they have in common.

Best Arts Quotes Of 2013

Letterpress exclamation marks

“I have a friend who says there are two problems in this world, and only two: one is how you live with other people; the other is how you live with yourself. What I like about theatre is that it’s the meeting point of those two problems.”