Norwegians Are Totally Addicted To “Slow” TV (Think Paint Drying)


The hosts of National Firewood Night, a 12-hour broadcast of logs being cut and then burned, invited viewers to submit advice via Facebook on how to position the wood. “I couldn’t go to bed because I was so excited,” one commenter wrote on the Web site of Dagbladet, a Norwegian newspaper. “When will they add new logs?”

What May Surprise You About Duck Dynasty


Virginia Cannon: “Admittedly, a reality show about a hunting clan of self-proclaimed rednecks in West Monroe, Louisiana, sounded problematic to me, too – like having to spend time at home with a southern branch of the Palins. But what is remarkable about the show, at least what I’ve seen of it, is its gentle nature.”

Making Fewer Films – And More Money

paramount scorsese

“Profitability is the new mantra. The film business is now in survival mode, as changed viewing habits, a long decline in home entertainment sales, and fresh competition for viewers in rich foreign film markets like China take their toll.”

Can An Obscure Database Help ID Nazi-Looted Art?


“Questions about the origins of the Gurlitt trove, which includes works by Picasso, Matisse, Chagall and Renoir, have riveted the world. While German authorities have yet to divulge the identity of all the works, they have said they believe that less than half of them were stolen from Jewish owners.”