The Problem With Reality TV? Um…


“The particular problem for the TV industry is that it’s trying to profit off the same cultural tensions it’s exploiting. That inevitably leads to problems such as the current one engulfing Duck Dynasty.”

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To Be (a charity) or Not To Be, That is the $40 Billion Question

Lincoln Center offers the country’s longest-running free outdoor festival. Photo: Nils Olander Editor’s Note: With “Comments We Can’t Ignore,” we addressed the need to more effectively… [read more]

Source: Field Notes | Published on 2013-12-20

The naked cellist is born again… on Facebook

Charlotte Moorman was a cellist who made her name by taking off her clothes in the interest of avant-garde music. She was most closely associated… [read more]

Source: Slipped Disc | Published on 2013-12-21

Collapsing Three to Make a Fourth

Tere O’Connor’s  Bleed, premiering on BAM’s Next Wave Festival,  is built on the bones of three previous works. Tere O’Connor’s Bleed. Foreground (L to R):… [read more]

Source: Dancebeat | Published on 2013-12-21

Michigan Governor Suggests State Funds Could Go Towards Detroit Institute Rescue

The “Grand Bargain” is gathering momentum. In comments to the Detroit News editorial board yesterday, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder revealed that he “wouldn’t be close-minded”… [read more]

Source: Culturegrrl | Published on 2013-12-20

Why Books Will Always Beat Technology


The sky has fallen on literature so many times that we can be forgiven for approaching the latest round of digital doom-saying with some skepticism of our own. For all the protestations that “it’s really different this time,” sometimes it seems like people just get off on prophesying gloom.

Questions About Safety In London Theatres


“Authorities sought to reassure theatergoers Friday that London’s elegant but aging venues are safe after chunks of ornamental plaster fell from a ceiling of the Apollo Theatre, showering patrons with dust and debris and injuring 79 people.”

How Oscar Buzz Helps Indy Films

"Frances Ha"

“If people don’t say, ‘This could win an Oscar,’ they don’t spend the money. In one sense, I don’t blame them — but I don’t have [ads on] bus stops and billboards, so it’s great to have the movie mentioned in a positive way.”

Museum Boom – China Now Has 4000 Of Them (We Think)


That is a lot of museums. Then again, how do you define one? In China the word seems to refer to all types of spaces, from state-sponsored institutions to private collector-fueled projects … to the “many new museums … built as part of new property projects to help get them planning permission. Some may never have been intended for their stated purpose.”

The Problem With Setting Values On DIA’s Art


Beverly Schreiber Jacoby, president of BSJ Fine Art in New York, said that while Christie’s did what the city asked it to do, she regarded the evaluation process as “conceptually flawed.” She said it ignored the reality of bringing the art to market in the context of bankruptcy and what would be, in effect, a forced sale.