Nutcrackers Across The Oceans


“Although the Royal Ballet’s “Nutcracker” is praised by many as an excellent version, and by some as the best, it made me homesick for America as nothing else did during a four-week visit to my native land.”

The Japanese Drummer Who Invented Karaoke


“He was a drummer, by trade and sensibility, which means he ended up returning home ‘almost penniless’ to live with his parents at the age of 28. He started playing the keyboard in particular bars called ‘snacks’.”

Today’s Top AJBlog Posts 12/18/13

The Ai Weiwei – Olafur Eliasson Collaboration
Source: Real Clear Arts | Published on 2013-12-19

Detroit Institute of Arts Comments (sight unseen) on Christie’s Appraisal Report
Source: Culturegrrl | Published on 2013-12-18

Breaking: Stolen Strad sells for $2.25 million
Source: Slipped Disc | Published on 2013-12-18

Painful Insight
Source: Engaging Matters | Published on 2013-12-18


Why You Should Read Graphic Novels


“If you grew up reading comics, perhaps alongside other more “acceptable” forms of reading, then it can come as a great surprise many years later to find that a vast number of people not only haven’t read a graphic novel, but also profess to not know how to.”

Why Lack Of Diversity Plagues LA Theatre


“Baby steps” and “elbow grease” were phrases that were resorted to by leaders who would like to be agents of progressive change yet don’t want to be responsible for bringing about the downfall of these “old theaters,” as a panelist called the larger institutions represented here.

12 Pivotal Moments in Opera in 2013


For WQXR, Philadelphia Inquirer critic (and ArtsJournal blogger) David Patrick Stearns cites the Wagner/Verdi/Britten anniversaries (naturally), a thrilling Monteverdian battle, seedy Baroque opera in a strip club burlesque house, and the hot new score he stole from the neighbors’ trash.