Inside The Mind Of A Half-Iranian, Half-British Comedian


Omid Djalili: “My English side really loves the royal family, and my Iranian side hates me for this. … You can tell I’m a very, very British person, but I’ve kept my roots quite strong. I still speak Farsi. I find Arabs hilarious.”

Arts Crowdfunding Is Catching On In Britain


“Already well established in the US, crowdfunding has begun to establish itself in the UK with beneficial consequences for producers keen to create and promote new shows and for companies struggling to cope with the ever-tightening purse strings of public funding.”

Why Are So Many Of Washington’s Arts Leaders Jumping Ship?


“For many, the vacancy is sheer coincidence, an alignment of slots in a city known for its turnover. But others ask a dreaded question, one that looms over federally funded institutions: In a time of government shutdowns and regular budget brawls, does top talent really want to deal with us?”

Fixing The National Portrait Gallery

Portrait painter Alice Instone artist in her studio at home in Kent.

“Early in her career, [Alice Instone] wrote to Cherie Blair, explaining her mission to give women the painterly attention lavished on men. She was thinking of women of influence – the National Portrait Gallery, she points out, is overcrowded with paintings of famous men.”

When A Private Museum Fails

Harry Jackson

“Situations like this are very complicated. There’s the safety of the work, there’s the protection of the work. You know, how do you sustain a collection? How do you have it support itself as a collection?”