Did Wagner Make Art Out Of Migraines?


“The researchers demonstrate this contention by looking specifically at Siegfried, the third opera in his massive Ring Cycle. They even describe what they call a “migraine leitmotif” that recurs in the opera.”

The ‘Love, Actually’ Wars, Round Three


Christopher Orr fires back at the writers who took on his take-down of the movie last week (their critiques are “generous, thoughtful, and even wise … [but], inevitably, wrong”) – and he unpacks what he sees as the film’s worst storyline.

ENO Joins The Cinemacast Parade


“English National Opera is to begin broadcasting productions live to cinemas – only 18 months after its artistic director, John Berry, suggested that he was far from enthusiastic about the idea.”

That Letter From Vaganova Ballet Academy To Putin – Was It A Fake?


Last month, after the Russian Ministry of Culture installed the fired Bolshoi star Nikolai Tsiskaridze as director of the historic St. Petersburg school, a sizable group of faculty wrote an open appeal to President Vladimir Putin to overrule Tsiskaridze’s appointment. Now the Ministry has claimed that the letter is a forgery.

New Zealand Is Not Middle Earth!


Ed Power argues that, if Peter Jackson really wanted to represent the setting of Tolkien’s novel on screen, his homeland was exactly the wrong place to do it.

The Great Catalan Sport: Human Towers


“Jesús Zazo stood in the ancient plaza in a throng of other pink-clad members of the Colla Vella dels Xiquets club. He had everything riding on this grudge match in the Catalonia region’s signature competitive event: human-tower building.”

Surprises And Snubs In The 2014 Golden Globe Noms


“The Golden Globes have a long and often amusing reputation for nomination-morning howlers. But [this year], there was no Tourist, no Burlesque, no Salmon Fishing in the Yemen … Yet that didn’t mean the snubs and surprises, the jaw-droppers and the head-scratchers, weren’t there. Here are six of the biggest.”

How Tech Design Dictates Our Culture


“If the best experience we can have with technology requires an American-designed platform, we’ll get an American experience: Buy an Apple iPhone, and in a thousand quiet ways, we interact with it the way Cupertino wants us to.”

NYU’s War On Architecture


“For decades, New York University has waged architectural war on Greenwich Village and even the announced departure of President John Sexton in 2016 seems unlikely to stop its overweening expansion plan.”