Look What Turned Up In The Trash! Lost Peter Sellers Movies!


Two early short films starring Sellers, and co-written by Mordecail Richler – “are to be shown in public for the first time in more than 50 years.” Yes, they were literally salvaged from a dumpster outside a film company’s offices.

Court Allows California To Resume Suit For Nazi-Looted Pissarro Painting


“A Jewish family from San Diego that has been seeking to recover a painting by Camille Pissarro that a relative sold during the Holocaust has received a legal victory from a panel of judges who ruled this week that the family can pursue the case, reversing an earlier court decision that had favored the painting’s present owner.”

Detroit Institute Of Arts Joins Talks For Control Of Its Art


“The Detroit Institute of Arts embraced publicly, for the first time, the broad outline of a federally mediated deal that would protect its art from sale and spin off the museum from city ownership into an independent nonprofit. The deal would raise roughly $500 million from a consortium of national and local charitable foundations and funnel the money into retiree pensions on behalf of the value of the art at the DIA.”

Hey TicketMaster – Time To Rethink Those Tickets!


“My job requires me to check tickets and usher people to their seats—a manageable task, but after checking hundreds of Ticketmaster tickets, it’s very clear that these tickets were designed more than three decades ago without a serious look into how people interact with it.”

Everything Around Us Is About To Be Electronically Tagged (And That Will Change The World)


“The most obvious application for iBeacon is tying digital information to physical places. When Apple first presented iBeacon to developers at their WWDC conference this summer, they used the example of an art museum. Instead of punching a three-digit number into a handheld tour guide, you could walk up to a painting, pull out your iPhone, and find additional information on the artwork right there waiting for you.”