Classical Grammy Nominations 2014: An Esa-Pekka Year?


Salonen (or his work) is nominated in three different categories. Other nominees include the familiar (Rattle, DiDonato, Bartoli; Wagner, Beethoven, Pärt), those we should know better (Lutoslawski, Palestrina; Maria João Pires, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir), the up-and-coming (2013 Pulitzer winner Caroline Shaw; New York Polyphony), the little-known (Leonardo Vinci, not to be confused with that mirror-writing Mona Lisa guy), and the beleaguered (Osmo and the Minnesotans).

Want More Perseverance? Stimulate Your Brain


“The salience network is thought to be central in prepping the brain for action, such as when a driver must respond to someone darting across the road or a student readies herself for a pop quiz.”

What Can We Learn From Katy Perry?


“Perhaps Perry mimics geishas because she recognizes in them the same elaborate traditions of costume, makeup, dance, singing, and erotic performance, to a commercial end, of which she is a part.”

When Your Body Fuses With Your Musical Instrument


“Proprioception (e.g. muscle memory) provides the player with a cognitive shortcut that frees the conscious mind from primarily focusing on the mechanical details of music performance and allows it to address issues of aesthetics.”

Actor Christopher Evan Welch, 48


“Recognizable to many by his unruly mop of brown hair, … [Welch was] an in-demand character actor who appeared in everything from Shakespeare to The Sopranos, including films by Woody Allen, Steven Spielberg and Charlie Kaufman.”