Radio As We Know It Is Dead (So Here’s How To Fix It)


“So where does this leave plain old over-the-air radio — you know, the kind that fades away when you drive out of town? Simply put, in a new context. That context is the Net. It’s the new broadcast band. Here on the Net (where you are right now), audio servers are the new transmitters and mobile devices are the new portable radios.”

Give A Choreographer £10,000, And See What She Does With It


Rosemary Lee, who just won Britain’s Bonnie Bird award: “I am longing to return to the studio. … As an independent artist with a family it is not easy finding the time, resources, and opportunities to research and experiment with dancers.”

Peter Kaplan, 59, Legendary Editor Of The New York Observer


“There are few publications in New York City–either extant or extinct–that do not bear at least some of his influence. Writers talk about the old Observer as if it were a sacred religious text. Under Kaplan’s tenure, the paper became nothing short of the best kept secret in New York.”