Elizabeth Streb Pushes Dance With Physics


“I force myself on scientists and try and ask some odd questions about quantum physics and particle physics and what would happen if you morphed up those extra six dimensions from superstring theory and put them on the body, what would the body look like? Or – I mean, what does it mean to go in the fifth direction, the sixth direction, the seventh direction.”

Ambitious (But Failed) New Orleans Arts Center To Be Sold


“Once built, it was supposed to become an instant Crescent City tourist attraction. But there was a costly redesign required to preserve an existing historic building and then the usual spate of construction complications. Then came Hurricane Katrina, and later, a national economic downturn. But those troubles were surmountable. The real trouble was intrinsic; ArtWorks, like Marie Antoinette, was doomed by grandiosity.”

How Vermeer Became A Superhero


To see Vermeer as “a god” makes him “a discouraging bore.” But if you think of him as a genius artist and an inventor, he becomes a hero: “Now he can inspire.”

Baryshnikov Still Kicking At 65


“The words “Baryshnikov” and “sucked” don’t naturally fit together comfortably, but in sitting with Baryshnikov for a spell, you get the strong sense that he’s less interested in perfectionism in his artistic endeavors than in mind-expanding adventurism. And these days, he prefers to succeed or fail with collaborators.”

Walt Disney Had Some (Possibly Surprising) Opinions On Women Working In Animation


The currently hot “Frozen” is the first feature film from Disney Animation with a woman director, but perhaps not because of Walt (in 1941): “The girl artists have the right to expect the same chances for advancement as men, and I honestly believe they may eventually contribute something to this business that men never would or could.”

Rare Book Thefts In Naples (And Where’s The Librarian?)


“The very man charged with protecting these treasures, Marino Massimo De Caro, a politically connected former director of the library, is accused of being at the center of a network of middlemen, book dealers and possibly crooked conservators — all part of what prosecutors say is a sometimes corrupt market for rare books in which much is spent and few questions are asked.”

The New Temples To Digital Dominance

New Apple headquarters

“They are to be monuments, architectural techno-visions that reflect the now inexorable digital domination. They are an expression of the worldwide economic and cultural supremacy that Silicon Valley and its leaders overtly claim for themselves.”

Artists Struggle In The Age Of The Blockbuster


“In fact, the blockbuster artistic product is dominating cultural consumption as at no other time in history. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on each successive Hunger Games, and the rep cinemas have closed. A few sports stars are paid more individually than entire publishing houses or record labels earn in a year.”