Performing The Vagina Monologues In China


In fact, performers and activists have been presenting Eve Ensler’s script in the still-socially-conservative People’s Republic off and on for a decade now – with widely varying responses from officials and audiences alike.

How Modern Is Charles Dickens? Look To The Bestseller Lists


“Writers as different as Martin Amis and Chicago’s Scott Turow have spoken to me of the tidal pull of Dickens on their imaginations; so, more recently, have Elizabeth Gilbert and Donna Tartt, whose current best-sellers (‘The Signature of All Things’ and ‘The Goldfinch,’ respectively) display their Dickensian affinities like badges of honor.”

The 3D Camera That Could Change Entertainment?


“If you could capture a photorealistic 3-D model of just about anything, what you do with it? The xxArray makes 3-D imaging about as simple as entering a photo booth and pushing a button. And the implications for digital media forms are tantalizing to say the least.”

Detroit, Arts, And A City’s Responsibilities


“The idea of a city having responsibilities to its citizens larger than simply running basic services isn’t popular these days. The implications of this will seem to many socialist, and in Plato’s dialogue they become terrifyingly authoritarian. But the notion that the city has in its care our intellectual and even spiritual (though not necessarily religious) wellbeing is deeply embedded in our contemporary culture of museums, parks, libraries and education–even if people who believe this don’t feel comfortable simply saying it.”

Motion Filed To Sell Detroit Institute Of Art Art

image-15DIA Front View 7-2010

“The motion formally takes the fight over the fate of the DIA into court for the first time. The filing suggests major creditors are unlikely to agree to any restructuring plan if they believe Detroit emergency manager Kevyn Orr is offering a low-ball figure for the value of the art. The move increases the chances that Rhodes will be forced to decide whether the art can legally be sold.”