Apple Sued By Its Own Shareholders Over Ebook Price-Fixing Fiasco

Apple's Latest iPhone Models Go On Sale Across U.S.

“According to a complaint filed on Thursday in California state court, [CEO Tim] Cook and other senior Apple figures bear ‘responsibility for ensnaring Apple in a multi-year anticompetitive scheme’ that resulted in a highly-publicized trial and a proposed $450 million payout … The shareholders claim that Cook and others … breached their fiduciary duty to the company and engaged in ‘waste of corporate assets’.”

Save The Footnote!


Nathan Heller: “Online, explicit source citation tends to be redundant: you don’t need notes, because, ideally, you can click to an original source. In this context, the removal of back matter makes some kind of sense. But publishers aren’t taking endnotes off the Web. They’re putting them on the Web. Instead, back matter is starting to vanish from books, the one place where it’s still very much needed.”

Royal Ballet Dancers Become Canvas For Chris Ofili

A scene from unearthed

The Turner Prize winner personally paints the leotards of all six dancers in Unearthed, a collaboration with choreographer Aakash Odedra that mixes ballet with kathak (North Indian dance) to retell the story of Prometheus and the creation of the first man from clay.

How Do You Rhyme In Sign Language?

rhyme sign language

“Since rhyme is based on the repetition of portions of words, the portions of words that get repeated don’t necessarily have to be sounds. They could also be movement, hand shape, location, palm orientation, or other components of signs.” (Includes video clips and a bonus: “finger fumblers”, the sign-language equivalent of tongue twisters.)

China Finally Gets Its Own Fine Art Photography Fair

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 10.02.14 PM

“The big question is whether that curiosity will translate into sales as the market for fine art photography in China is still developing. Many visitors just seemed excited to see so much quality photography in one place.”

Making Theatre (And Other Forms Of Art) About #Ferguson


“This tragedy will bring a wellspring of creativity in spoken word, dance, film, and stage. I hope to see more workshops of this kind come to St. Louis with more frequency. Workshops like this should be done on a regular basis to keep artists in touch with the community at large, our artistic counterparts, and colleagues.”

The Idea Of The Ideal Bust


“The bust, in short, is really a form of sculptural shorthand. A bust hints to the body, gestures to the existence of a full person without considering the rest necessary. The bust suggests that, in essence, human beings are heads with just enough fleshy stuff underneath to do the dirty work.”

Robert Spano Pleads For Musicians In Letter To Atlanta Symphony


“Mr. Spano took a step that music directors rarely take, and weighed in on the negotiations. He and Donald Runnicles, the orchestra’s principal guest conductor, wrote a letter in which they said, ‘We ask the board and management to acknowledge the sacrifice the musicians have already made, and to examine other ways and areas to establish sustainability.'”

So You’re Having An Artistic Crisis …


“Now is not the time to compare yourself to others. Personally, I have found that spending too much time reading about the fantastic lives and careers of my friends and colleagues, as presented on Facebook, makes me feel boring and inadequate. If it makes you feel similar, take a break from it.”

Whatever Happened To The Poets Of Protest?


“Could it be that modern poetry has lost its vibrancy? I ask: has poetry ceased to penetrate our national consciousness because we are no longer stirred by what’s being said? When was the last time a poet made enough noise to be threatened with censorship?”